OKAMOTO STUDIO has set the standard in decor for events. The breathless drama they create with their work creates not only an individual one of a kind event but the long tail of the word of mouth buzz goes on for years. What separates Okamoto is quality of the art. If their work were marble it would be in the Met.
— David Adler, CEO and Founder, BizBash Media
OKAMOTO STUDIO boasts an exceptional guild of accomplished ice artisans whose detailed (and often reality defying) work exceeds expectations. When searching for the creative, unusual, and utterly unexpected, I turn to Shintaro Okamoto whose collaborative efforts with my own always results in a thrilled client.
— David Beahm, David Beahm Event Design
An OKAMOTO STUDIO ice sculpture is like the Hope Diamond — cut perfectly in every way. What couple wouldn’t want one?.
— Claudia Hanlin & Jennifer Zabinski, Wedding Library
When I think Ice, I think OKAMOTO STUDIO - they are my ‘go to’ vendor because of their creativity, quality, and reliability - the attributes that matter most to me - A great collaborative partner.
— Olivier Cheng, President, Olivier Cheng Catering & Events