Purity. Crystalline. Evanescent. Ice evokes romance. Its seductive sparkle is sure to create an emotional first impression that captivates any crowd. Forms follow timelines of existence as they gradually change from rigid to organic, eventually disappearing, melting away. Ice embodies the “here and now.” This is perhaps why sculpted ice is so fitting for such a wide range of events, from weddings to anniversaries to one-of-a-kind celebrations.


Ice is a versatile material that fulfills both functional and aesthetic needs. Sculpted ice chills your food and drink with designs specified to your taste. As a working material, its capacity for last-minute, large-scale production also makes it very cost-effective and time-efficient. Delicately manipulated ice amplifies the aura of luxury and celebration like no other material.  


We thrive on taming the complexities of ice to create the desired experience. This means careful execution of details that we see crucial for the success of each piece. For one, we give a slab ice base to all of our sculptures so they stand secure while covering the tray for a clean, modern look. Finely sculpted ice is only half the game; we give deep thought to presentation strategies by offering ideas for placements, changing designs based on the duration of the display, and custom-building trays with uplighting set within. On time and within budget, we are fun, inspired, and reliable so our ice serves its true purpose - to embody your dreams and desires for the memory forever to enjoy.