Winter Jam 2019 in Central Park

Okamoto Studio partnered with NYC Department of Parks & Recreation to create multiple fun sculptures such as photo ops and famous landmarks as well as a live carving performance of a skier! This was all located in Central Park’s Naumberg Bandshell.

Grace Plaza Live Carving with Arts Brookfield 2018

We enjoyed our partnership with Arts Brookfield for the 8th year of spectacular live ice carving performances!✨

We created blocks of ice into endangered animals this year, including a Gorilla, Orangutan, Giant Sea Bass, Siberian Tiger, Sumatran Elephant, Polar Bear, Toucan, California Condor, Vaquita and a Rusty Patched Bumblebee❄️ 


Live Carving Performance for Macy’s Winter Holiday Window Display!

We are so honored to help launch Macy’s Winter Holiday Window Display! Live carving performance on the first day of snow for NYC☃️ A truly magical night it was😉

(2) 20181115-ITA_8909-L.jpg

Intersect by Lexus Event with Emilie Baltz Commission

A fascinating, interactive ice installation commissioned by artist Emilie Baltz for the opening of Lexus INTERSECT in New York City. Every touch to ice created specific sound and color triggered to create your own, unique, sensory experience.  Technology is a beautiful thing.


Children's Museum of Manhattan "Hello from Japan!" Exhibition

This exhibition that Children's Museum of Manhattan created is an interactive traveling exhibit that will transport families to a present-day setting in Tokyo. Among the many different workshops that they offered, Okamoto Studio's ice carving workshop was one of them.

The theme of the workshop was Anime, and had all popular and loved characters from many different types with their images embedded into small ice blocks. From there children carved, cut, and even torched their sculptures to shape out the image embedded inside. 


"TRUTH" Art Installation

Okamoto Studio and artist collaborative LigoranoReese worked together to create an ice sculpture with the words "TRUTH" spelled in all capital letters. The installation is called TRUTH BE TOLD. The artists intend for the 10 feet wide, 4 feet tall sculpture to melt away, which lasted about a week. This was installed Saturday, January 20, 2018; the first anniversary of the Trump administration inauguration.

Video Credit: LigoranoReese

Grace Plaza Live Carving with Arts Brookfield 2017

Our annual partnership with Arts Brookfield led to another wonderful live carving performance at Grace Plaza. This year's theme was "Sea Life"; this included a shark, turtle, hermit crab, octopus, and even an Aquarium Ice Wall Photo Op! 


Photo Credit: Jeremy Gordon

NY Night in Akasaka

New York in Akasaka - Hoppy Beverage commissions OKAMOTO STUDIO to create a massive ice bar, a graffiti ice wall, and live carving performances.


Uber Ice Cream Public Activation

Okamoto Studio and Uber collaborated on a public installation to launch Uber Ice Cream. We froze a hundred Collectible Cones in 11,000 pounds of ice and installed it in the middle of Union Square. As the ice melted, people freed their Collectible Cones which unlocked free ice cream every Friday through summer!

Photographer: Yoshio Itagaki

Video: Victoria Nygren

African Elephant Public Installation

Okamoto Studio created and designed a 9-foot tall elephant and installed this in Union Square. This was installed on World Elephant Day, and acted as a visual representation of Africa's disappearing elephants, sponsored by South African cream liqueur company Amarula and WildlifeDIRECT. 

The visual was meant to show the crowds gathered at Union Square "the alarming rate in which African elephants are disappearing at the hands of poachers," a press release states.

Photographer: Yoshio Itagaki

Travel Channel Yeti Live Carving Performance

Travel Channel along with Pop2Life commissioned Okamoto Studio to have a live carving performance near the Flatiron Building in Manhattan. This was to promote the first episode of Travel Channel's 4-part series, Expedition Unknown: Hunt for the Yeti. Okamoto Studio crafted several yeti sculptures, including two 8-foot and 7-foot life size Yeti sculptures along with a few Yeti busts.